Advanced Burner Management & Combustion Control System

Burner Management System

Burner Management System – PLC Based Control System
Secure Burner management logic with independent control loop processing for combustion control
Color Touch Screen Interface
• Setup, turning and fuel / Air ration adjustment available through password protected screen.
• Easy and fast operator adjustment with a complete view of all system information.
• Full color display of critical startup data including flame scanner status, purge, pilot and fuel status.
• Pre – Wired and ready to install.
• Alarm Lights
• Reset Push buttons
• E-stop (Emergency) button
• Burner On / Off selector Switch
• Remote monitor
• VPS (Valve Proving System) capability Via flame safeguard control
• Hand / Auto / Low flame hold facilities
• Twin burner and multi burner control capabilities option and parameters.
• IR coms port for upload / Download of commissioned data
• Internal calender clock display and logging functions.