Biomass Pellet Stove & Burner

When it comes to using the burner in large-scale industries, biomass pellet burners are useful in the long run. It will refrain you from purchasing costly diesel and gas. As rates of fuels are increasing day by day biomass pellet burner is the perfect fit for giving heat to various types of machinery.

Biomass Pellet Stove

Pellets are made from sawdust so biomass pellet stove is environment friendly as it reduces the proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere. Burner India’s Pellet Stove is made in different models according to the requirements of consumers and dealers. Its timer-based control panel makes it easy to use for anyone new to the industrial field.


– Auto Temp Control

– Air Control Dampers

– Double Ash Cleaning Door

– The Product Can Be Enhanced As Per Requirement.

Optional Feature/s: – Auto Ignition


This stove can be used in any industry as per requirement. It is commonly used in Dairy, Bakeries, Namkeen, Milk Boiling, Printing, Chemicals, Pharma, Boilers, and Road Industries.

biomass pellet stove technical specification

Biomass Pellet Burner

There are different categories of burners and biomass pellet burner is one of its categories. Industries use different burners as per requirement. The biomass pellet burner has air control dampers that make it easier to use.


– Auto Temp Control

– Double Ash Cleaning Door

Optional Feature/s:

– Auto-Air Control

– Auto Ash Cleaning (Optional)

– Touch Screen HMI (Human Machine Interface)

– Auto Ignition


biomass pellet burner application

Like any other burner, biomass pellet burner is applicable in big industries as well as small-scale industries. For example, it can be seen used in food industries, Textile Industries, Metal Industries, Packaging, Plastic Making Industries, etc.

Biomass Pellet Burner specification

Other Useful Information:

It can be suitable for various types of equipment like bakery ovens, boilers, thermic fluid heaters, hot air generators, dryers, for melting furnaces, namkeen fryers, roasters, roto-molding, etc.

Pellet for Biomass Green Burner and Stove