Thermic Fluid Heater


  • Aluminum casing / Steel casing with electrical switch cabinet integrated or in loosen form.
  • Adjustable combustion head for one perfect / matching with different shapes of combustion chamber.
  • Gas pilot flame as option for higher capacities.
  • Hi – Low version available with electric servomotor with two nozzles or with three nozzles.
  • Modulating version with PID system controller with digital set point display and real time value.
  • Progressive or modulating nozzle with flow return.
  • Easy maintenance by hinge flange or by a sliding bar system.
  • Self cleaning filter.
  • Special version for any types of application and fuel features characteristics on request.
  • Ring system for oil preparation can be designed and supplied on request.

Thermic Fluid Heater Technical Details

Thermic Fluid Heater Details