Industrial Heating Equipment - Burners

Our burners are fully automatic controlled, safe to use, and are reliable in every way. We believe in supporting eco-friendly products, so our products are eco-friendly too in terms of designing and manufacturing. Burners are safe, service and environmentally friendly. From Oil to Gas to Dual fuel burners, every product in our company is checked and approved by our experts.


Our products are made with the housing of welded steel sheets / Aluminium die-cast bodies. Burners are surfaced with durable, high-gloss paint, or powder coating is offered at the end. The combustion head and diffuser disc are made from a stainless steel alloy that has a temperature of approx 1800 C.

The flow of air in the combustion head is automatically controlled (by optimization of the pressure loss at the combustion head) to achieve optimum combustion parameters throughout the capacity range.

The burner has a side glass for observation. Besides, its air damper assembly on the suction side of the fan automatically controls the fuel, together with the servo-motor / hydraulic mechanism, and air flows according to the requirement for optimization.


Fuel has different categories and different fuels can be used according to the model of the burner.

– Light Fuel Oil, Viscosity 4-12 mm 2/s, +20C

– Heavy Fuel Oil, Viscosity maximum. 250mm2/S, +50C

– Heavy Fuel Oil, Viscosity Maximum 450mm2/S, +50C

– Natural Gas


– Bio-gas

– Wood pallets

Other fuels that are used in a burner, the burner that uses different fuel than the previously mentioned fuels and the way.


Gas Equipment/Oil Pipe Lining:

The related components of the gas and dual fuel burners comply with the standard EN 676. The oil piping is installed mainly in the burner and includes one, two, three solenoid valves. Whether it is a gas burner or oil burner our burners are designed to be user-friendly and easier to use.

Flame Monitoring:

All models are equipped with automatic flame monitoring.

In oil burner models, flame monitoring is carried out by a photocell.

In Gas / Dual burner models, flame monitoring is carried out by a UV cell.

While attaching burners it is important to monitor flames inside and our automatic

flame monitoring system is designed just for that.

Applications For Burner:

Our burners are suitable for asphalt-making plants, warm and hot water boilers, steam boilers, hot air generators, and various types of process heating equipment. They can be mounted in horizontal, vertical, and upward-facing, or vertical and downward-facing orientation. The structure, material, and enclosure class of the burners make them run in the widest range of ambiance. Our burners are equipped to use in any type of industry whether it is a small-scale or large-scale industry.

Control Devices:

The burner control automation is assembled in a separate control cabinet that contains a control Unit, lamps, the capacity controller, and operating switches. The control unit automatically carries out all the function phases of the burner. In the event of a burner malfunction, the system automatically stops the burner. The modulating burner also incorporates a pre-installed capacity controller. Our burners are safe to use so the automation is designed to control them as per requirement.


Each of the fuel control valves and the air damper can be equipped with a servomotor (electronic Fuel / Air ratio control). Adjustable combustion heads for fine-perfect matching with different shapes of the combustion chamber are available. Moreover, the Hi-Low version is available with a hydraulic system or electric servomotor with two nozzles.

Capacity Regulation Methods:

All of our burners are ON-OFF / HI-LOW / Modulating are equipped with an air damper servo motor or Hydraulic mechanism.